Before Noah Got an Ark

There was once a time

When the earth was dust

You might say it was

before the stroke of liquidity struck

There was no ark

In this land boat park

And not a sign of ocean or sea

For that part was yet to be

This is the age

if you care to bet

That was known as ….

Pre -Noah – esque


Another Astral View

Astral via the Daily Prompt

I met you on the astral plane

A couple of times that year in May

Star-crossed and always lost

We chose to stay entombed

With realism mockingly on display

at the museum these days it

set the galaxy at too high a cost !

The night sky was a abstract wile that

Only moonlight and magic would expose

And gypsy gold just like foretold

Greeted me when I returned

But the man on the moon

Who made cheese and tunes

and put the world to sleep

made a pretty quartet of galactic regret

in the minor notes of June

Creature via the Daily Post


The foggy mist

Hides ghostly fingertips

And all of the nightly creatures

Seek to hide

The first light

Of morning’s early plight

To expose them to the world

Creatures near and creatures far

Dance in the haze

Unseen by your gaze

In the mask of the heady dew