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Obtuse  Obligatorily obvious is the oldest obtusity. Photo by Pixabay on

Basic AF Gardening Tips

It was 101 today in Texas today and the perfect weather for heat stroke gardening. I’m kidding, normally sane people in the world really don’t want to die for that flower bed . I just wanted to say thank you for the memories and don’t my roses look lovely. Today was the hottest day we’ve…

Basic AF Baking 101

I’m not exactly what you would call Betty Crocker or even Martha Stewart- before or after her prison stint (or friendship with Snoop. ) It’s just not my thing . I guess it’s not a big deal that I’m not- until it’s time to do it. Why do I always volunteer for things that I…


In trying to downplay my basic af status , I’ve picked up a new hobby . I’m learning to play golf . I won’t lie about it . The cute golf clothes were at first my motivating factor . Fashion is as good a reason as any to try new things . I’m what you…

You Had One Job

I’m a little disappointed . Our good friends had a baby. A beautiful baby girl and a perfect small human. How great is that?It’s absolutely amazing and we are so happy for them.Except I feel like I was let down.All the way down. It’s a wasted opportunity for your last name to be Ray when…

Ad seen in the Galactic Times:

For sale by Cosmos :

Nice, bright ,little star ideal for a smaller solar system with 9 or so planets and no black holes. Gassy little gem has a steamy mix of helium,carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Perfect for tiny space rocks without the hassle of a hyper giant . UV rays added for a small additional fee. No refunds or exchanges.

Source: Astral

It’s Under Construction

Constant The new exit on the I28 North Free Toll Way was recently opened to oncoming traffic from the ramp off Constant and Crash. The faster commute and better roads have been anticipated since the Styx froze over. A few people were reported missing after a traffic accident . It’s still unknown if anyone else…


Compromise On a Friday morning I weighed the options Of a moment of minor infarctions The scales of which Were slightly tipped In soupy goop called rhetoric Not to be confused with Benedict It’s to my lament That was my descent of literary compote That is all she wrote ! But to be a verse…

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