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Paddling down the Ponchartrain was a pontoon boat captained by pooches and aptly named the ”Dogma.” A prompting exercise for the word Pontificate


Via Genesis Once upon a time There was a world that was sublime with fig leaves galore Even at the general store And anything but apples were the daily core Of everybody’s diet But like all women you know There was one in the garden Who ignored the word “No” Didn’t care to obey And liked to…


Dicohtomy Taken from the dam of the magnificent Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. Photo credit : Amy Lasater


I remember the strangest things about yesterday. The temperature inside the car when we decide to get tea and the way the sun hit my daughter’s platinum blonde hair. She looked like a doll in a dreamy, ethereal way that could easily break, with porcelain skin that was almost translucent. It was 109, and the…


Dalliance I’m going to be sad when you go But it’s time to be closing these tabs and falling home Curtain calls and cheap rings I freeze inside the ice that you bring I’m getting colder Just thinking about snow

Basic AF Gardening Tips

It was 101 today in Texas today and the perfect weather for heat stroke gardening. I’m kidding, normally sane people in the world really don’t want to die for that flower bed . I just wanted to say thank you for the memories and don’t my roses look lovely. Today was the hottest day we’ve…

It’s Under Construction

Constant The new exit on the I28 North Free Toll Way was recently opened to oncoming traffic from the ramp off Constant and Crash. The faster commute and better roads have been anticipated since the Styx froze over. A few people were reported missing after a traffic accident . It’s still unknown if anyone else…

I am, I am, I am

” I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am.” -Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar She was my brave Esther and I had her back. Even if she was dead. It was on a Monday that I decided that I hated Ted Hughes because…

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