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The time set back On the clock that is The clock internal Is not a fan of digital “I’m more of an analog girl” She brags Oh shut up ,you infernal Mercurial pain In the arsenal     Angst

Inter -Stellar -Communications

The night sky draws wide Shooting straight through the cloud ridden skies And that … That extra- superior moonlight Can be inspired by nothing less Than your flash of bright Stellar Stellar


Paddling down the Ponchartrain was a pontoon boat captained by pooches and aptly named the ”Dogma.” A prompting exercise for the word Pontificate


Insidious Insidiously misleading with sunshine streaming Creating the aura of happy hearts still beating Pristine stained glass with stories to tell 17 steps between me and where he fell Photo taken by author in the foyer of the Myrtle’s Plantation


Via Genesis Once upon a time There was a world that was sublime with fig leaves galore Even at the general store And anything but apples were the daily core Of everybody’s diet But like all women you know There was one in the garden Who ignored the word “No” Didn’t care to obey And liked to…


Obtuse  Obligatorily obvious is the oldest obtusity. Photo by Pixabay on

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