Monthly Archives: April 2019

Just Leave

It hit me like a brick mess it ran red like that just too quick

when you called me out

for catching the feels

you said

You hated it for me

made yourself leave

but I told you didn’t I

What it was about to be

can I still be

Still be kinda sorry

That it got weird the

instant you stayed

and I kind of liked it

I mean I liked you

Before …

when you’d leave


The Deep

I keep a drawer of you

With memories  collected

from the thousands of years

it seemed it took to know you

And yet I still feel

like you are a stranger

It’s stranger to me

The depth that holds

the best part of you

And no one else

will know who you were

Who you were to me

It keeps you busy in my mind

Even though I’m not

Any part of yours