Month: August 2018

A Feather in My Hand

The Feather I’m racing through the trees. Normally, I would be worried about being so late. Tonight I’m not. Because I have a secret and it’s going to save me. I know the others are looking for something to hang me from. I could say I know because I’m a witch but I actually overheard…


Insidious Insidiously misleading with sunshine streaming Creating the aura of happy hearts still beating Pristine stained glass with stories to tell 17 steps between me and where he fell Photo taken by author in the foyer of the Myrtle’s Plantation


Via Genesis Once upon a time There was a world that was sublime with fig leaves galore Even at the general store And anything but apples were the daily core Of everybody’s diet But like all women you know There was one in the garden Who ignored the word “No” Didn’t care to obey And liked to…

Horror in the Shower

I failed to make sure my daughter was ready for adulting. Or at least the zombie apocalypse. Or this week: tiny spiders… Spider intervention was not on the curriculum for my girl, obviously until … My daughter had a major problem in her first apartment today. She thinks she is going to be okay with…


Dicohtomy Taken from the dam of the magnificent Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. Photo credit : Amy Lasater


I remember the strangest things about yesterday. The temperature inside the car when we decide to get tea and the way the sun hit my daughter’s platinum blonde hair. She looked like a doll in a dreamy, ethereal way that could easily break, with porcelain skin that was almost translucent. It was 109, and the…

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