I see the many ways to call for you

It’s a dozen different glints to the same light

I am many people to the many people who

Know me

I am not just

the blank screen you see

The first time the eyes focus in

Or a blank canvas with no base

I am a constant churning

A saltless sea

The new print on a daily page

Do you agree

You are many people

Just like me

Multitasking Fails

I fail at least one time every day.
Don't let anyone know. From trying to water my flowers while shaving my legs, I can have 100 things to do and I want to feel accomplished by completing them.

I'm feeling pretty productive this morning so my goal is to save the world while mopping my floor. Luckily, our kitchen faucet is ready to help me out. You can't do dishes in my house without causing a literal storm surge.

So that knocks out two of the things on my to-do list: cleaning the kitchen while power-washing the floors in the entire house. as well as bathing the dog.

Its a win-win trifecta for all.