Sad Clown

“Stop crying! I can’t stand the sound of it . And get that ugly, whiny, pitiful look off your face . You look like a sad clown ! People want to see happy clowns ! No one wants a sad clown .”
“I mean you are making the kids cry and all . I have parents pulling their  kids out of the line ! I mean it , I didn’t want to tell you this, not here ,not now but I’m going to be honest. I can’t sympathize with a sad clown and no one else can either.”
I muttered something about the meaning of sympathetic and syncope to be snarky.
As usual he kept talking and telling me to smile while ignoring me at the same time .
“If you can’t be a happy clown then you are fired ! Last chance to get it together ! Let’s see that happy face !”
The sad thing is that this was my happy face .