Month: February 2018

Ad seen in the Galactic Times:

For sale by Cosmos :

Nice, bright ,little star ideal for a smaller solar system with 9 or so planets and no black holes. Gassy little gem has a steamy mix of helium,carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Perfect for tiny space rocks without the hassle of a hyper giant . UV rays added for a small additional fee. No refunds or exchanges.

Source: Astral

It’s Under Construction

Constant The new exit on the I28 North Free Toll Way was recently opened to oncoming traffic from the ramp off Constant and Crash. The faster commute and better roads have been anticipated since the Styx froze over. A few people were reported missing after a traffic accident . It’s still unknown if anyone else…


Compromise On a Friday morning I weighed the options Of a moment of minor infarctions The scales of which Were slightly tipped In soupy goop called rhetoric Not to be confused with Benedict It’s to my lament That was my descent of literary compote That is all she wrote ! But to be a verse…

Sad Clown

Sympathize “Stop crying! I can’t stand the sound of it . And get that ugly, whiny, pitiful look off your face . You look like a sad clown ! People want to see happy clowns ! No one wants a sad clown .” “I mean you are making the kids cry and all . I…

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