Duped by Myself Again

Starting a blog was supposed to be therapeutic for me . I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been . It was supposed to be a way for me to express myself with a mindful audience and to make a connection with others who can relate . It was supposed to replace social media and the need for likes on my Facebook posts . Now I watch the likes on my blog posts more obsessively than I ever did on Facebook. I’ll let the likes tell me if I can actually write or I just think I can . I’m not sure if you are the same but validation from strangers is the new popularity contest and I want to be the prom queen.

So far , I’m not even in the queen’s court yet much less in the running. I’m sure that you can relate with the need for validity from other writers. But it’s not the reason you write or is it ? If no one liked a book , would anyone want to be an author ?

I’m still not sure I’d be happy if I had a million followers but I’m going to set my focus on getting one more .

My most important follower needs to be myself.