Home -Brew Brouhaha

Today instead of being the unenthusiastic, apathetic helper of the brewmaster (my husband), I am the boss of the beer.

Meaning I am doing my best to be a good steward of this secret and revered beer society . It’s hard for me to focus on this project. There’s a lot of sitting around waiting on science to do its thing.

Yes ,I said science . What I thought of just beer has changed now because it’s actually really involved and interesting. It involves math and stirring things and checking temperatures and other stuff. For thirty minutes I am busy doing beer stuff.

Every time my husband is doing the things that I am in charge of , I pretend like I knew I was supposed to do it.

Finally , a break. It’s time to add some fire and do absolutely nothing .

Remembering that a watched pot never boils , neither does a watched brew pot .

My husband has a little ditty that he says . You might have heard it before .

“Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”

The first time I saw his magic spell casting , I fell in love all over again . Reciting Shakespeare while brewing beer is my idea of a perfect man.

He forgot to remind me to do it . I remembered a little late and then got the words wrong . I think Shakespeare would be okay with my improv . At least I have an excuse for my beer if it sucks .

And we are still waiting . I have time to file my nails , read a book and take over the world after my nap . By then I’ve forgotten the next step in the brew cycle.

Not really. Because my husband has already anticipated this and is set up for it.

I am excited because not only am I almost done with my brew lesson ,I’m almost done.

Then into the last part , equipment failure causes a close catastrophe . Instead of calling it a loss , my husband adds some secret potion to the salvaged part and after many curse words , my attempt at a true Gose is in a glass carboy for it’s first fermentation .

In summary, I’m not sure that I’m going to be the home brewing type. I’m all for the end product but it’s not going to be a hobby for me.

But who knows , maybe I just need to work on a beard to get into it .