Do you know how to spell?

Are you from Texas?

Then grab a Lone Star , your spit cup and covered wagon and join me for the first annual “Texans can spell “campaign .

Again for the foreigners ( anyone who is not Texan ), I’ll texanize this so ya’ll get it.

I’m sorry I was blessed with the state of Texas as my home . I’m sorry you weren’t .

I’m not really a bless your heart kind but I’m not going to tell you twice that being Texan doesn’t make you stupid or uncultured or backwards or illiterate. I have been to school and I can spell . I don’t live in a barn with my cows that I have to milk before walking five miles uphill both ways in the snow to catch the pony express . I’m not married to my dad (anymore ) and I have all of my teeth. I don’t have a horse, oil wells, or a tractor.

I do have a double wide with an underground compound to protect me from aliens, dinosaurs and people who are assholes . ..not really . Just assholes.

And I can spell words bigger than my hair .

Bless your heart ❤️.