Almost via the daily prompt

“Almost there”, she repeated like a mantra. Almost , almost , almost .

Too scared to go back and too nervous to do anything but drive fast , with eyes fixed straight ahead on the empty road .

The howling wind still screamed outside but she couldn’t hear it . She couldn’t hear anything but her own heartbeat. Thud , thud , thud , it said . A pounding cacophony driving straight through her and stopping in her brain .

She turned the music louder . Trying to drown it out . Singing at the top of her lungs until her ears almost popped .

The road took a sharp curve to the left and she gasped .

Almost there .

But where ?

She was lost . This wasn’t the way home .

A soft touch on her left shoulder . She could feel the icy cold air through her body .

And a voice behind her said “Almost.” community hub where bloggers can find writing prompts, free blogging courses, weekly challenges, and tips and resources for their blog.

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