Ode to January 1st  

I made a list of the things I want to accomplish this year . I’m excited to share it with you .I’ll let you know when I finish it .

Starting this blog has been a headache inducing , stressful and enlightening experience. I guess I had no realistic expectations for it , I assumed that being a somewhat decent writer was enough . I also didn’t think that planning was necessary, I preferred to wing it and I just wanted to write , after all . I wasn’t trying to change careers, this was a hobby that was supposed to be therapeutic as well .

I guess some people are just going to take the roads less traveled… like the roads not even paved. I’m not sure I expected anything else from myself.

I’m so sorry for all the blogging faux pas that I committed . I didn’t even know that  blogging etiquette was a thing . Hopefully, you understand . But if I see a dead chicken on my doorstep and my hair starts to fall out I’ll assume the voodoo doll hanging from the car visor was meant for me after all .

Here’s to 2018 , finding my niche and keeping my hair !