The Passion of the Cris-is

Crisis: an extremely dangerous or difficult situation:

[ C ] an economic crisis

[ U ] People react in times of crisis, but ignore us the rest of the time.

The Christmas Crisis

It has a nice ring to it or maybe it’s just me. It probably is just me but for those who want to pretend that the holiday season doesn’t stress them out, don’t worry- I got you.

Every year, I get less enthused about Christmas. The tree goes up later and later and then I finally get around to it – rather reluctantly, at best.

I no longer count the days until Christmas, I count the days until it’s over.

I know I’m not the only person who finds it exhausting to be around people drinking their feelings about their perfect families, organizing the eating of ridiculous amounts of food and acting like they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Before you start judging me for my bad attitude, let me assure you that I love Christmas just as much as you do. Well, probably not.

I do love it, though. Just in a quietly introspective way. I’ve way too many headaches involving what should be the Christmas everyone dreams of.

Much of the stress is self-induced by trying too hard to make the storybook Christmas come to life. Who doesn’t want the proverbial white Christmas?

Being a perfectionists during the holidays can become stressful and if you allow it, ruin your homemade bread(true story).

I used to try way too hard to attain the perfection I hope now no one expected.

I’m getting better at letting it go – just like everyone’s favorite song says. At first, I felt lazy, irreverent and Scrooge-like.

Now I feel non -stressed, just like in the movies. Almost.

Merry Christmas!