Month: December 2017

Minor Annoyances, Part One

We all know that one person (or two, three or twenty ) that no matter what you have done, their response to your impressiveness is similar to this: f (x) = 2x Yes, I’m talking about that very special cupcake of a person who is basically an expert in absolutely everything from tying shoelaces to…

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The Daily Prompt: Legend

I hated the legend. It was morbid and unrealistic. I didn’t believe in much but I certainly didn’t believe in ghosts. I laughed at the school kids scaring themselves to death over a bunch of old people who had been to the grave and saw the others. The others. That’s what they called them. How…

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New Reads

While I am a voracious reader, I’m also repetitive. I have a quite a few favorite books and I like to reread them . It makes it hard to discover new ones when you are reading “Dracula” for the literal 100th time . So I was quite pleased with myself when I actually read 3…

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Inherited Disaster

Inheritance The inheritance of bad skin and flabby thighs were all she got from her deceased parents. No hidden gold or secret wealth to be sure – just enough pockmarks in her jowly- fleshed cheeks to garner annoying nicknames like a pizza face. Thanks, Mom, thanks, Dad – you guys really suck. She supposed she…

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