Once upon a time the fair princess had a charmed life . Then an evil sorceress turned her into a frog.

So I’m exaggerating a bit but my life right now is still no fairy tale. Consider my words carefully before you decide I am just a whiny brat .

I used to talk to my mother for hours. She was always there for me. Today I was ditched after 7 minutes. I’m still in shock and I’m like “Do you know who I am? Let me introduce myself. It’s Amy – Your first-born and only daughter. And if I had known that one day you would treat me thus, I would have changed my first name to something I liked since you don’t remember it.

I’m having a hard time with my mom dating. It is really strange how she wants to have a life. All was fine and then she decided to start doing things … By which I mean going out with men. Gross.

Just kidding, I’m married to a man. He’s not really sure what has happened to her either and doesn’t want the details. Her kids also don’t want details but we don’t get a choice.

My brother, sister-in-law and I were amused at first. It was cute.

Now we are over it.

And my mom’s best girlfriend is my 21-year-old daughter , who has a tolerance for the absurd that is truly admirable.

See ? The multiverse theory has been proven. But I still need to know….in  what parallel universe does my real mother exist and how do I get there?