Another Astral View

Astral via the Daily Prompt

I met you on the astral plane

A couple of times that year in May

Star-crossed and always lost

We chose to stay entombed

With realism mockingly on display

at the museum these days it

set the galaxy at too high a cost !

The night sky was a abstract wile that

Only moonlight and magic would expose

And gypsy gold just like foretold

Greeted me when I returned

But the man on the moon

Who made cheese and tunes

and put the world to sleep

made a pretty quartet of galactic regret

in the minor notes of June



Hearing the horrendous crash above, she started to jump then relaxed .

“New neighbors, “she thought to herself and kept on reading the anorexic journals of celebrities,  which most people just called a fashion magazine.

So engrossed in the pretty, petty lives of the beautiful she didn’t notice the  screaming of her mother from the other room . Truthfully she tried to ignore her so often that it had become habit .

“Louder and louder is the key to my heart, mother dear ,” she grumbled to herself as she reluctantly got up .

Flinging her bedroom door open ,the dark eyed girl stared at her mother who only stuttered  “I didn’t do it .”

Source: Above

Ad seen in the Galactic Times:

For sale:

A nice bright little star ideal for a smaller solar system with 9 or so planets and no black holes. Gassy little gem has a steamy mix of helium,carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Perfect for tiny space rocks without the hassle of a hyper giant . UV rays added for a small additional fee.  No refunds or exchanges.

Source: Astral



The new exit on the I28 North Free Toll Way was recently opened to oncoming traffic from the ramp off Constant and Crash. The faster commute and better roads have been anticipated since the Styx froze over.

A few people were reported missing after a traffic accident .

It’s still unknown if anyone else was hurt. Skycam 7 reporters on the scene said that nobody seemed to notice the detour to the new ramp was also the road to hell and people just disappeared into the flames.

“It’s poor city planning and not the end of the world”, officials said.

More on this dismantling story as the crust is formed.


On a Friday morning I weighed the options

Of a moment of minor infarctions

The scales of which

Were slightly tipped

In soupy goop called rhetoric

Not to be confused with Benedict

It’s to my lament

That was my descent

of literary compote

That is all she wrote !

But to be a verse

In what is an absurd curse

You had best be a verb !

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