Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenges

Prolific This picture taken on my iPhone at The Myrtles Plantation one summer has always been one of my favorite interpretations of nature's prolific beauty.


Drinks with Nana

I'm going to first say that this nana does not pull off her wig when she drinks. I wish she did. I would have that all on YouTube. But I guess I have the "cool mom" if this is the definition: She wears skinny jeans, lace vests and just recently bought a bodycon dress. I … Continue reading Drinks with Nana


Hearing the horrendous crash above, she started to jump then relaxed . “New neighbors, “she thought to herself and kept on reading the anorexic journals of celebrities,  which most people just called a fashion magazine. So engrossed in the pretty, petty lives of the beautiful she didn’t notice the  screaming of her mother from the other … Continue reading Above