Next on History Live! We’ll join the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who has just been imprisoned in her own castle for unspeakable crimes. Will she finally come clean? Or is she guilty of throwing the baby out with the bath water … proving that blood is indeed thicker ,after all ?

Countess Báthory : Can I please get my night cream ? It’s the red stuff in a jar , can’t miss it.

Portrait of a girl wearing a retro princess or countess dress

Friday Fictioneers : Railroaded

Photo Credit ©Dawn M. Miller 7 December 2018 ”Hey, aren’t you…” The lady in 1B was a dead ringer for an actress in a movie he had just seen. The blonde smiled then shrugged her shoulders. “I know you probably get this all the time but you look just like her! The way you played…

Adult Life Definitions

Adulting : The excitement from buying an Instapot on Aisle 8 in Home Goods instead of Home-Boy who lives in an alley.

Song Lyric Sunday:Summer Skin

It seems natural to me that I would write about music. I come from a line of excellent musicians. However, I found it very challenging. How do you describe the way certain chords embrace a set of letters that form the words and combine them all to make a melody ? I’m going to say…


Walmart’s unofficial statement:
We love Halloween .
However ,insiders say the act is in retaliation for the scandalous  photo bomb campaign depicting a tipsy Rudolph getting his nose reddened artificially by a tattoo artist .

close up of baby girl

Photo by Tim Gouw on

Halloween is creeping up on us and I don’t know if you have heard but it’s officially after Christmas this year .

As if me facepalming through the acres of Christmas trees to find one skeleton mask and a scythe wasn’t a hint .


The time set back On the clock that is The clock internal Is not a fan of digital “I’m more of an analog girl” She brags Oh shut up ,you infernal Mercurial pain In the arsenal     Angst

No Room Inside

I shivered while he fidgeted with the lock. “Hurry, I snapped, it’s starting to rain. Let’s get it over with!” “Shut up or I’ll shut you up,” Hank snarled. “It’s not my fault you lost the bet and you have to go inside the crypt, besides you aren’t afraid of any old ghouls are you,…

What did ye say ?

Kanyefication: adj; See sentence examples below. 1. Old English : ’Ye dropped the Kan. Image credit :OneMusicFest 2. 2018 English :You dropped the can .

Ye Old Dictionary

Ye: ; pronoun; Germanic, English Def.(1) :Pronoun that refers to the subjective second person ,present tense . As in you , thou or thee Examples :Ye old Bookshop or Ye old Naysayer OR: Def. (2) :Usually in reference to ecclesiastical or literary works either written after the year 1551 or the beginning of the 12th century OR:…

Inter -Stellar -Communications

The night sky draws wide Shooting straight through the cloud ridden skies And that … That extra- superior moonlight Can be inspired by nothing less Than your flash of bright Stellar Stellar

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